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March 07 2017

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July 06 2015

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July 02 2015

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June 16 2015

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Give a corgi to this man! He deserves it!
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June 08 2015

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My school is telling me that the shirt I wore to school today that said “legalize gay” is inappropriate. They told me that I need to put something over it, and that it is offensive. I refuse. I am a child of artificial insemination and I was raised my my two mothers. I am a strong advocate for the LGBT community and the fact that my school and others are offended by this is sickening. I just wanted to share this injustice with you guys .

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June 01 2015

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May 27 2015

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May 20 2015

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May 19 2015

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May 15 2015

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April 29 2015



1. Es ist nicht gut Kirschen essen mit dir. - Cherry-eating is not good with you (You are evil)

2. Jetzt geht’s um die Wurst. - Now it’s about the sausage. (It’s now or never)

3. Das ist nicht mein Bier. - That is not my beer. (That is not my problem)

4. Holla, die Waldfee! - Holla, the woodfairy! (Well, I never!)

5. Ich glaub’ ich spinne. - I think I spider. (Blimey!)

6. Den Teufel werd’ ich tun. - The devil will I do. (I won’t do anything)

7. Mein lieber Herr Gesangsverein! - My lovely mister singing club! (Gorblimey!)

8. Wie geil ist das denn!? - How horny is that then !? (Damn, that is some cool shit!)

9. Das ist mir Wurst. - That is sausage to me. (I don’t give a fuck)

10. Ich lach’ mich kaputt! - I laugh myself broken! (LMFAO)

11. Ich glaub’, mein Schwein pfeift. - I think my pig whistles. (Blow me down)

12. Schwamm drüber! - Sponge over! (Let’s forget about that)

13. Ich hab jetzt wirklich die Nase voll!! - I have now really the nose full!! (I’m fed up now)

14. Ich muss mich übergeben.. - I must overgive me.. (I have to throw up)

15. Ist mir Latte! - (This) is boner to me! (I don’t care)

16. Da guckst Du dumm aus der Wäsche. - There you look stupid out of the laundry. (Now you look a proper charlie) 

17. Was ist das hier für ein Saftladen? - What’s this for a juiceshop here? (Some place that is ******/a dinky joint)

18. Wer andern eine Bratwurst brät, der hat ein Bratwurst-Bratgerät. - Who fries other ones a sausage, has a sausage-frying-device (malapropism of “The biter will be bitten”)

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April 27 2015


Feminist vandals are giving this beach body ad the upgrade it deserves

Commuters on the London Underground this month were treated to a series of advertisements for U.K. dietary supplement manufacturer Protein World, featuring their “weight loss collection” alongside an ultra-thin woman with the caption: “Are you beach body ready?“ The U.K.’s feminist community was less than receptive to this obvious shaming tactic — and made their voices heard. There are plenty more where the above came from.

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